At Global Public Affairs, we conduct winning, multi-faceted strategic communications campaigns, create compelling stories and build audiences to help achieve your business goals. Our expertise prepares you for any situation or crisis and manages your reputation through uncertain times.Global Public Affairs works seamlessly with your team. With offices across the country, we know the ground locally, provincially and nationally.

What we believe
Clear messaging, targeted to the right audience, on the most effective platforms, is the way to win.
Each situation is different. Each solution is unique.
Being a thought leader is better than being a follower.

Who we are
Our team is drawn from the ranks of former politicians and political operatives, journalists, producers, and communications executives.
Our backgrounds are from across the country and across every level of government.
We are passionate about success.


Our stakeholder registry system identifies groups and individuals who influence political, regulatory and public policy decisions that favourably or adversely impact your organization. With a detailed stakeholder map, clients are equipped to deliver timely and meaningful messages and contributions to further your business goals.


Given the range of inputs that influence the success of government relations activities, we provide guidance by assessing the issues, the strength of your business case, the positions of government and priority stakeholders, and realistic time frames to resolution.

Provincial and Federal Government Relations

Our team has in-depth knowledge of issues and initiatives across many of the sectors of importance to Canada’s economy. And they know that issues are rarely driven, influenced and resolved within a single jurisdiction in Canada. Our ability to mobilize our team in Canada’s provincial capitals and economic centres, along with our federal team in Ottawa, means we can provide a seamless, fully cross-jurisdictional service offering to those clients interested and concerned about jurisdictional creep, influence and policy development.

Policy Research and Position Papers

Organizations that clearly articulate their issue and implications, and present recommendations based on evidence stand the best chance of success. We assist clients to develop position papers, white papers and consultation submissions that frame the issue in language that will resonate with decision-makers, peer groups and key stakeholders.

Parliamentary Appearances

Increasingly, organizations must appear before Parliamentary committees to give evidence or expert opinion on any number of issues. We prepare you for appearances before Parliamentary Standing Committees by developing messaging, reviewing anticipated questions and answers, rules of procedure, and etiquette. With presentation coaching, we ensure presentations are clear and resonate with decision makers.


Our issue analysis process includes a review of the political and stakeholder landscape, historical precedents, likely scenarios, and recommendations. We track developments in parliamentary committees, legislative announcements, as well as traditional and social media outlets.


We understand that fundamental to all written, verbal, and online communication, message development begins at the outset to reduce risk, save time, and ensure content consistency across all print and online collateral materials.


Government engagement is an ongoing process as policies and key influencers change. We provide recommendations on meeting frequency for impact taking into consideration logistical and resource requirements. Organizations will be prepared for government and stakeholder meetings with briefing materials, coordinated social media efforts, and logistical arrangements to ensure outreach efforts are effective.


Coalitions or trade associations can effectively participate in government debates, demonstrate unity in a business sector, and navigate issues on behalf of the companies involved. We work with industry associations and coalitions across sectors by delivering a full suite of secretariat services.

Public Affairs

Having worked with numerous municipalities across Canada on a multitude of issues, we understand the policy and process levers to advance issues locally. We assist clients to navigate this important but qualitatively different level of government.

Stakeholders – be they the public, local communities, or other third parties – increasingly have the power to influence the public policy debate around your business’ objectives. We have the expertise, capability and a national scope to engage third-party organizations relevant to your goals.

Outreach Strategy and Engagement Planning

Thoughtful planning is an important first step prior to implementing a stakeholder engagement strategy. We will work with your organization to fully assess your needs and desired outcomes. As part of our job, we will review project assumptions and provide a critical objective outside view of where your organization is positioned with stakeholder groups in advance of the active engagement phase.

and Tracking

With a guide to influencers and decision makers, clients are better organized to effectively track the issues affecting their business. We provide detailed stakeholder maps documenting every interaction and providing up to date information to measure the progress of an engagement strategy.


Empowering third-party advocates to speak confidently to decision-makers is an important aspect of working with stakeholders. We provide training sessions to assist spokespeople with messaging and strategies towards achieving positive outcomes for themselves and the organization.


By conducting an audit, we highlight opportunities to leverage project champions, spokespeople or build coalitions. We identify potential obstacles and provide strategies on how to manage risk related to a project.


Creating opportunities for dialogue between stakeholders and influential parties is key to progressing a mandate. We organize open houses, small round table sessions or other proactively sought strategic partnerships for an organization.


Coalitions of impacted stakeholders can effectively participate in government advocacy and media strategies to demonstrate unity on an issue. We identify opportunities to build coalitions of interested, motivated, and impacted stakeholders and coordination of secretariat services.


With creative social campaigns, visual storytelling, and influencer outreach, we offer a full scope of digital engagement tools to connect with stakeholders. We develop specific messaging and imagery to best reach stakeholders on the platforms they are actively engaged in.


The Global Public Affairs x Commonplace partnership brings together a unique blend of technology, expertise, and local insight to help drive more effective community engagement across Canada. Working together we aim to build trust in the engagement process, and develop less adversarial and more collaborative dialogue around the built environment and infrastructure. Find out more here.

We create custom and multi-faceted strategic communications plans with compelling narratives that engage audiences and support your business and advocacy efforts in every sector of the economy.

Communications Strategy

We create custom communications strategies that reflect and support your business objectives. Our programs anticipate issues and include detailed execution plans that identify appropriate tools, tactics, timelines, and channels to tell an impactful story.

Media Relations – Campaigns, Training and Executive Coaching

We develop custom media relations strategies complemented by tailored spokesperson training to take full advantage of all media opportunities while anticipating threats. Successful media strategies strengthen an organization’s reputation, as well as influence and inform decision-makers.

Business and Financial Communications

Global works with company management, its legal and investment advisors, and internal resources to create effective communications campaigns predicated on open, transparent and timely communication. We ensure leaders can connect with the investors, analysts, regulatory bodies, employees, and other important stakeholders that matter most to the success of the transaction or initiative.

Digital Communications and Social Media

Global’s communications approach believes digital and social media is imperative to telling your story. Our digital and social campaigns are effective ways to focus messaging to targeted influencers and policymakers. Our approach can be adopted using content across social and digital platforms.


We identify emerging issues, providing meaningful stakeholder insights, and recommending measured responses in real-time throughout our media monitoring services. With relevant, thorough scans in traditional and social media sources, clients will have an accurate picture of the issues affecting their business.


The most successful brands enhance reputation by aligning business objectives with broader societal challenges and interest. We assist in identifying worthwhile partnerships and alliances that further strengthen the brand, improve competitive advantage, and increase market share.

Issues Management

In the fluid era of social media, corporations and businesses are vulnerable to the shifting winds and increased velocity of public opinion. Now more than ever before, the search for expertise to safeguard their reputation from these threats is critical. Global specializes in developing strategic communications campaigns that will protect you and your interests while you focus on the things that matter most – growing your business, increasing shareholder value and protecting your brand.


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