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Celebrated host Tom Clark interviews some of Canada’s bright minds to hear their take on an issue. What we’re getting right as a country, and what is going off course. This is a podcast for those interested in what makes the country tick. A big-picture perspective. Each episode begins at the intersection of politics and business. It ends with a better understanding of where we’re headed.

Perdita Felicien

Perdita Felicien has won 10 Canadian National Championships and her Canadian record for the 100 metres hurdles still stands. She is a celebrated Olympic athlete, national figure, author, and broadcaster, covering Canada’s major sports moments. The global pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented halt to many sports activities and the massive industry that surrounds it. As the industry reopens, now is the time to consider change and improvement. The Take turns to Perdita Felicien to talk about her experiences in Canada’s sport sector and her ideas for where we’re headed as a country.


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Ep.1: Margaret Atwood


Literary icon Margaret Atwood kicks off season two of The Take. In conversation with host Tom Clark, Atwood discusses discuss literature, populism, and her passion for the environment.

Ep.2: Mark Critch Melissa Royle Critch


Season two of The Take resumes with beloved Canadians Mark Critch and Melissa Royle Critch for an uplifting segment on finding moments of humour and relief in a very stressful time. Host Tom Clark draws out the Eastern Canadian resilience that is hearty, sometimes dark humoured, and above all, demonstrates our strength in unity. The future of live entertainment may be uncertain, but Mark and Melissa remind us that our need for moments of laughter and wit has never been more clear.

Ep.3: Tobi Lütke


While the Canadian economy slowly reopens, Canada’s largest company is moving at warp speed. In this episode of The Take, host Tom Clark invites Shopify’s CEO Tobi Lütke to discuss his recent declaration “digital by default” in this transformational time for his company, and beyond. Bold statements like this have kept us so keenly focused on Shopify’s every move. And Tobi walks the talk. What becomes so apparent in this interview is not how fast he is driving us into future, but that he is most interested in building the roads to bring us along. Infrastructure is massively undervalued, as he points out. Tune in to hear Tobi’s take for the tech sector and beyond as 2020 continues to be the year extraordinary change.

The changing landscape of public affairs


During this unprecedented time, The Take turns its attention to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Host Tom Clark begins our series discussing a new chapter in public affairs. Global Public Affairs CEO Randy Pettipas describes how businesses contend under new circumstances. These are unfamiliar times and yet, within the struggle, collaboration and creative efforts will prevail.

The collapse of world oil prices



As COVID-19 impacts the global economy, Canada’s oil and gas industry is contending with the collapse of world oil prices and a major reduction in demand. Host Tom Clark sits down with our energy sector expert and Vice Chair, Pierre Alvarez, to discuss the unique challenges Alberta faces.

Canada-US relations


The “America First” sentiment certainly sets a tone in a time of global crisis. The longstanding friendship between Canada and the United States is experiencing a moment. Fear, protection, and worry all contribute to the dialogue. Global’s Monique Smith, formerly Ontario’s first appointed Representative to Washington, joins Tom Clark to discuss the longer term outlook. Now, and in post-COVID-19 era, collaboration must prevail.

Political response


The economic reality of the pandemic indicates a return to activities is needed as soon as it is safe to do so. Our leaders in government are tasked with the responsive effort, but how will they coordinate with each other? With industry? Will the approach be interventionist or will it involve incentivising programs? Our guest, former Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter discusses the patchwork response to the recovery effort, and how authorities must design a coordinated a way forward.



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Ep.1: Media & Elections


Susan Delacourt, Ottawa bureau Chief, The Star; Jen Ditchburn, Editor in Chief, Policy Options; and Ed Greenspon, President, Public Policy Forum explore the interaction of campaigns and the decline of media through the lens of campaign tours.

Is it easier now for political parties to control their message? Is the media more important than ever for voters? Could the solution to fraying democracy and journalism lie in “Slow News”? This and more on The Take.

Ep.2: Alan Doyle


This week on The Take, Tom Clark sits down with Canadian music icon and proud Newfoundlander, Alan Doyle. Together, they discuss how streaming services continue to disrupt the music industry, what we can do to protect this critical component of Canadian culture, and Alan’s take on how to approach the ballot box this election.

Ep.3: Harley Finklestein


Harley Finkelstein, Chief Operating Officer at Shopify, visits The Take with Tom Clark this week to talk technology, entrepreneurship, and how Shopify’s success is a product of starting up and remaining in Canada. But Harley also has some questions: has Canadian humility stifled our presence on the global stage? Is technology the solution to all of the big, global issues we are facing? Get Harley’s take now.

Ep.4: Atlantic Canada


This week’s episode of The Take with Tom Clark travels to Atlantic Canada to host Former Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter and former MP Mary Clancy. Tom sits down with these political titans of Nova Scotia to discuss the future of the NDP, the economies of the Atlantic, and whether the sweeping support for the Liberals in 2015 has meant benign embrace or benign neglect for these provinces.

Ep.5: Barrie McKenna


Barrie McKenna joins The Take this week to discuss the Canadian economy. How are we doing as a country? How can Canada leverage international trade negotiations, particularly with our neighbours to the south? And of course, you can’t talk about the economy without discussing Canadian energy.

What does any of this mean for the election? Tune in to find out.

Ep.6: Chuck Rifici


On the one year anniversary of legalization, Tom sits down with Chuck Rifici – pioneer of the Canadian cannabis industry. Now Chairman of Auxly, Chuck discusses what brought him to the sector, Canada’s global leadership on cannabis, and his take on what’s to come.

Ep.7: Preëlection


Susan Delacourt and Ed Greenspon are back for a Pre-Election edition of The Take with Tom Clark. Join Susan, Ed, and Tom as they review what may be the most unusual campaign in Canadian history.

The scandal, the viciousness, the policy – or lack thereof – and more. Tune in now.

Ep.8: The Mayor's Take


What ever happened to the city’s agenda?

In the leadup to the 2019 Federal Election, Tom sits down with two big-city mayors – Bonnie Crombie of Mississauga and Don Iveson of Edmonton – to talk priorities, revenue options, and civic engagement.

Ep.9: 3D Printing


How will cost-effective, efficient 3D printing of metals change the world? Tom sits down with Kevin Nicholds, CEO of Equispheres, to find out how their new technology will impact manufacturing, aerospace, and more.


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