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Headshot of Miriam Mathew.

Miriam Mathew

Senior Consultant


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Miriam is a Consultant within Global Public Affairs’ Energy, Environment, and Resources practice group, furthering federal files through strategy development and execution. Her field specialty is her work with trade associations, complemented by her experience leading government relations files for international and Canadian companies across multiple sectors. Her innate ability to anticipate trends and adapt swiftly ensures that her clients’ interests are well-represented in the ever-evolving policy and regulation landscape.

Before joining Global, she worked as a university public affairs coordinator, researcher, and ITS consultant with the Ottawa Hospital group. She established new processes from the ground up in all her roles and now brings an ultramodern edge to government relations strategies. Her passion for inclusivity led her to collaborate with Carleton University, where she spearheaded new initiatives to enhance disability accommodations and diversified support services.

Miriam holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Business Law with a minor in Entrepreneurship from Carleton University. She also received a Master’s in Political Management.