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Headshot of Hershell Ezrin.

Hershell Ezrin

Senior Fellow


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Hershell Ezrin is a Senior Fellow at Global Public Affairs. As a Canadian diplomat, he helped develop the advocacy Canadian Consulates General in the USA. As a senior public servant, he worked on patriating the Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Ezrin was twice appointed principal secretary and deputy minister to an Ontario Premier.

Ezrin pursued a career in two multinationals, taking one public and becoming its CEO. He served as CEO of a global public affairs consultancy and as the founding CEO of a significant communal advocacy organization.

He has lectured widely on the government-business relationship. He served as a Distinguished Fellow of Strategy at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Toronto Metropolitan University and a Professor of Government Relations in a post-graduate certificate program, which he co-founded, at Seneca@York. He was Vice Chair of the Public Policy Forum.

He is an Honorary Director of the Canadian Journalism Foundation. He chaired the Canadian German Chamber of Industry and was a Board member of various healthcare and cultural foundations.

He was invested with the Order of Ontario for his contributions.

Ezrin holds a Hons BA from the University of Toronto and an MA from Carleton University.