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Headshot of Cameron Brown.

Cameron Brown

Associate Vice President Western Canada


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Cameron Brown is Global Public Affairs’ Associate Vice President of Western Canada for Energy, Environment, and Resources. He brings over 18 years of experience with energy and environmental policy in Alberta to the Global team.

In his time with the Alberta provincial government, Cameron led the design and implementation of Alberta’s Renewable Electricity Program, developing federal and local regulatory requirements for coal-to-gas conversions in power plants and implementing Alberta’s off-coal agreements with generators. Cameron’s unit was also responsible for emerging technologies, including renewables and the province’s recent interest in Small Modular Reactors.

Before this electricity focus, Cameron was extensively involved in climate policy development as it relates to Alberta’s oil, gas and electricity sectors; the Alberta government’s energy policy and market access engagement efforts in the United States, Europe and other provinces; and the negotiation and implementation of the Alberta – British Columbia Trade, Investment, and Labour Mobility Agreement (now the New West Partnership Trade Agreement).

Cameron holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Political Science) and a Certificate in Globalization and Governance from the University of Alberta.