Natural resources drive Canada’s economy. Canada’s mining industry is considered one of the most advanced in the world and the energy sector has contributed significantly to Canada’s positive economic situation today. Future success depends on how both industry and governments respond to the macro-challenges of global competition from lower-cost environments, a lack of skilled labour, the need for major infrastructure investments, the need for a more open immigration system, as well as a globally competitive tax environment.

Industry is also challenged by policies that affect “access to the resource”. Whether it is environmental regulation governing a water-crossing, climate change policy that calls for emission reductions, or the fiduciary obligation to consult with First Nations, these factors determine if and when a resource development gets approved, as well as the overall productivity of the sector. The stakes of these decisions, by regulatory agencies, or provincial or federal ministries, are enormous for companies involved in the sector.

Stakeholders have an opportunity to help shape what can sometimes be complex policy and process issues, and keep abreast of new developments. We act to protect corporations and industry associations from risk, while helping clients take advantage of opportunities for growth. Issues in government relations include:

  • Energy policy
  • Canadian Environmental Protection Act Parliamentary Review
  • Climate change policy and implementation regulations
  • Forestry policy and sustainable forestry management
  • First Nation consultation
  • Environmental regulations, and getting projects approved in a timely fashion
  • The shortage of skilled labour
  • The need for energy infrastructure, including new refineries and energy pipelines
  • Immigration rules
  • Competitive tax structures in Canada
  • Investment research and development

Global’s Natural Resources and Environment team has worked with and continues to represent a broad range of energy clients, including upstream producers, pipelines, refiners, and steel manufacturers. We also work closely with leading mining and forestry companies and have extensive experience working with industry associations and their members.




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