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Communications stratégiques

Stakeholder mapping, coalition building, message development, media relations, issues management, social and digital media

The ability to effectively communicate is a strategic asset that can enormously impact an organization’s corporate reputation as the public’s expectation for information and transparency from all institutions continues to rise.

Global’s team of professional communicators work with clients to build successful strategies that anticipate, rather than react to the environment in which they operate. We understand how to respond to the specific needs of impacted communities and other stakeholders, the media, and how to build online strategies.

We help seize opportunities for growth, and safeguard an organization’s reputation through critical times and unanticipated events.


Communications Strategy, Planning and Implementation

Developing a communications strategy and comprehensive plan starts with understanding an organization’s business objectives and stakeholders. Working with your team, we create annual, rolling communications programs that reflect and support an organization’s business plans, anticipate issues and events, and include detailed execution plans that identify tools, tactics, timelines, channels, audiences and influencers. We work with your team from planning to ‘boots on-the-ground’ execution, as your needs dictate.


Media Relations and Media Training

Successful media strategies help position your project or cause, spread your message, enhance your organization’s reputation or influence and inform decision-makers. Global develops media outreach, plans and strategies, and offers spokesperson training that enables you to take full advantage of media opportunities to increase your visibility, strengthen your brand or advance your issue. Our customized media training ensures your leaders, managers and employees make a positive public impression, deliver the messages that need to be heard, effectively respond to questions, and successfully manage interviews or scrums.


Business and Financial Communications

Mergers, acquisitions, privatization, divestitures, and other corporate change management initiatives, require a thorough understanding of the regulatory environment, industry and financial analysts, and the investment landscape. Global works with company management, its legal and investment advisors, and internal resources to create effective communications campaigns predicated on open, transparent and timely communication. We make sure leaders can connect with the investors, analysts, regulatory bodies, employees, and other important stakeholders that matter most to the success of the transaction or initiative.


Digital Communications and Social Media

By increasing their digital footprint, companies are growing their business and engaging stakeholders in innovative ways. An extension of our strategic expertise in traditional communications, we focus on strategy and content development of web sites, intranets, mobile and social media platforms, ensuring corporate messaging is effective and consistent across all mediums.


Media Monitoring and Intelligence

Using leading technology, Global adds value to everyday traditional and social media monitoring by identifying emerging issues, providing meaningful stakeholder insights, and recommending measured responses in real-time. We can provide relevant and timely stakeholder intelligence on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


Communications Marketing and Brand Development

Trust is vital in building your brand and growing your business. The most successful brands enhance their reputation and expand operations by aligning business objectives with broader societal challenges. Given our understanding of the complex stakeholder environment in Canada, we’ll help you identify and support worthwhile causes that further strengthen your brand, improve your competitive advantage, and increase market share, using the most affordable and effective channels to engage stakeholders and customers.


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