Novel Coronavirus

We are living through an extraordinary time, experiencing unpresented volatility in our markets, social structures, and our personal lives. Our priority is the safety of our people and broader networks, while we continue to provide exceptional service.

Resources to help you manage your business

Emergency government relief

As federal, provincial, and municipal governments announce economic relief packages, we will track available support to businesses and individuals affected by COVID-19.

Relief measures may include:

  • Financial handouts
  • Expanded sick leave
  • Extended tax deadlines
  • Enhanced unemployment insurance
  • Social assistance

Business resources

While businesses contend with the new circustances of the pandemic, we provide real-time updates to guide and assist. From crisis communications to coordinated industry response, our priority is to help you navigate your next course of action.

Responsive actions may include:

  • Government meetings
  • Development of industry-related coalitions
  • Internal communications
  • Media relations
  • Crisis management

Limiting Impact, Supporting Recovery

Short-term support

  • Understanding how employee restrictions apply to your company/industry
  • Positioning specific concerns to government and presenting solutions
  • Navigating and accessing short-term relief measures
  • Working with government to develop creative solutions to avoid job losses
  • Internal and external communications on preventative measures and corporate action

Long-term recovery

  • Helping shape government economic stimulus to better support business recovery
  • Accessing government programs to support economic recovery

How you can help

Providing support to government

Governments are actively seeking support from businesses to provide critical products and services. This runs from personal protective equipment, and medical equipment, to access to facilities and support services.

If your company has any resources, products, services, or ideas that could be used by government to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and help keep people safe please contact us. We will gladly put you in touch with the appropriate contacts within government.

Crisis, Risk & Issues Management

Preparing for the unexpected. Protecting what matters most.

Virtual engagement

Public engagement has moved virtual. How will this shift alter your mandate? Consider the available digital platforms available to facilitate your meetings and events. Clients, stakeholders, and government officials are becoming increasingly comfortable with a virtual option. There are benefits too:

  • A wider engagement catchment, and the potential to demonstrate a national reach
  • An accessible option to transcend barriers such as mobility, cost and time to attend an in-person event
  • Most attendees are home in isolation. Virtual meetings provide video options to increase our sense of community
  • An archived copy of the meeting footage that may be repurposed for future marketing or advocacy efforts
  • Cost associated with a virtual meeting or event is significantly lower than an in-person alternative
  • Improved audience participation with live chat features

The Take: Special Edition


During this unprecedented time, The Take turns its attention to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Host Tom Clark begins our series discussing a new chapter in public affairs. 

A note to clients


As the spread of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) evolves, our business will move forward.  And while our interactions may take a new form, our professionalism and drive to deliver results for our clients will not change. 

Proactive planning during a global pandemic


The most difficult thing about a looming crisis is knowing when to define it as such. Sometimes a crisis creeps up, much like the mythical frog in a pot of water that realizes too late its perilous state.

Working across jurisdictions

Global Public Affairs has specialist teams available across Canada with experience working with every sector. From responding to the crisis publicly or advocating government action in this period of uncertainty, our team stands ready to help you protect what matters most.


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Jason Ennis


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