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COVID-19 Update

A note to clients

As the spread of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) evolves, our business will move forward.  And while our interactions may take a new form, our professionalism and drive to deliver results for our clients will not change.

Our firm and our employees thrive in crisis situations. We will continue to deliver for our clients’ timely needs as this situation continues to unfold daily.  We provide the very best service to clients regardless of the operational adjustments we need to make to protect our employees and prepare our firm.

Our interactions with government officials may move from face-to-face meetings to conference calls or video conference. Instead of hosting receptions or roundtables, we will help clients have these discussions virtually, utilizing appropriate digital platforms. We are a creative team and we are focused on ensuring that you can still advance your critical issues with government(s).  Lastly, in regard to any larger receptions or lobby days planned in the near future, we will work with clients to find a more appropriate time to ensure the effectiveness of your advocacy.

Stay tuned as we track the impacts of this virus on your business. We encourage everyone to continue to monitor public health updates as well as take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your families.




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