We work closely with partners in Canada and around the world to provide our clients with a complementary multi-market approach. We have strong partnerships with like-minded industry-leading firms in Québec, the United States, Mexico, the Europe Union, Asia, and South America. We find the appropriate partners for our clients to ensure we have the best level of expertise and fit to achieve business outcomes, here in Canada, or around the world.


Public Affairs Agency

The Interel Global Partnership (IGP) is the world’s largest network of independent public affairs and government relations firms managed centrally by Interel from its offices in London. We are a proud member of this international group of companies. 

Comprised of the leading firms in their respective markets the IGP covers more than 70 markets worldwide across the Americas, EMEA, and AsiaPac regions. With its unparalleled reach and policy expertise, the IGP offers international organizations a full-range of public affairs and government relations support almost anywhere in the world.

Whether the need is in a single market or in multiple markets (e.g. cross border issue management, international stakeholder engagement, global issue advocacy) the IGP provides strategic guidance and on-the-ground solutions with seamless service and senior-level oversight. Through its unique ability to combine global strategy with expert local support, the IGP will help inform and implement your international public affairs strategies, creating impact with your stakeholders critical to the success of your mission worldwide.

Member firms of the IGP meet rigorous standards of professional ethics and client servicing, and many have over a decade of experience working together collaboratively together on multimarket accounts.

The Global Public Affairs x Commonplace partnership brings together a unique blend of technology, expertise, and local insight to help drive more effective community engagement across Canada. Working together we aim to build trust in the engagement process, and develop less adversarial and more collaborative dialogue around the built environment and infrastructure.

Global has worked extensively with clients to help understand the local requirements and expectations in gaining government support and approval for projects. We have worked on projects spanning the transport, energy, resource, municipal, residential, and cultural sectors and people remain the most important part of the planning and delivery phase of projects of all types. Demonstrating active and representative community engagement to government decision makers is vital for projects to proceed and a key aspect of reducing overall project risk.

Commonplace is the online engagement platform of choice for many of the leading UK government authorities, engineering and construction companies, property developers, and on major infrastructure projects such as HS2. The platform provides the opportunity to reach a broader, more diverse audience and analyze their input to develop robust evidence to reduce planning, political and financial risk. It also acts as a hub to continually communicate with the community and demonstrate that their voice has been heard in the process.

Together we aim to transform the engagement process in Canada for the benefit of clients and local communities.

Our shared aims:

  • Reduce risk and uncertainty around projects by building credibility with communities
  • Improve inclusivity and diversity in the planning and design of places and infrastructure
  • Build less adversarial and more representative engagement processes
  • Provide enhanced transparency and visibility of project goals and incorporation of feedback
  • Deliver better outcomes with communities and employees in mind
  • Enable project consultation to move forward all year round and in the face of major disruptions



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