• Transportation, Infrastructure & Communities

    Transportation and infrastructure are highly programmatic and regulated sectors critical to Canada's productivity. While there is a general trend towards deregulation and privatization in this sector, issues including safety and [...] MORE

  • Health & Life Sciences

    Health care continues to be the top issue for most Canadians who want assurances from political leaders that they will have access to quality health care when they need it. [...] MORE

  • Industry Innovation & Procurement

    Industry has long recognized the important benefits of working with government and Parliament. Effective government relations can shape the long-term regulatory and legislative approach, increase understanding of market constraints and [...] MORE

  • Strategic Communications

    In an ever-changing and volatile world, strategic communications is a critical component for any leading business organization. Well-managed communications helps an organization retain a positive public face, while increasing effective [...] MORE

  • Agri-Food & Consumer Goods

    The Agri-Food & Consumer Goods sectors face new opportunities and challenges as international trade pressures, market integration and rationalization continue apace. New technologies such as nanotechnology and natural health products [...] MORE

  • Natural Resources and Environment

    Natural resources drive Canada's economy. Canada's mining industry is considered one of the most advanced in the world and the energy sector has contributed significantly to [...] MORE

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Global Public Affairs is Canada’s largest privately-owned, fully-integrated public affairs firm. With offices across the country, we work with an ever-expanding list of Canadian and international clients in multiple aspects of their business, providing comprehensive strategic government relations and communications counsel and services - from research to tactical support to full program implementation. Whether through government advocacy, managing a crisis or conducting community consultation, pursuing the many elements of effective public affairs is fundamental to the success of any organization. At Global Public Affairs, we believe tailoring our approach to meet each of our clients’ needs is fundamental to the success of any public affairs strategy.

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